My name is Benjamin Aeilkema and I'm an artist, illustrator and art teacher from the Netherlands. For my artworks I love to work with ink, watercolor and watercolor pencils, but I also love working digitally. My favourite subjects are landscapes, characters and houses, but also artworks with a meaning. This website is owned by me and I'm looking forward to see you in one of my Art Classes or Workshops.


Often we are very focused on the results. The world around us expects results from us. Our fans, our clients, our employer, our teacher and even we ourselves do expect good results. In whatever we do, we want results. Results are one thing, the journey to get to it, is another thing and often the

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Dog Tricks Part 2

Monday Motivationals Dog Trick Part 2. A different Monday Motivational today. Not a long story, but an image I just finished. Totally different than what I show normally you may notice. That’s the whole idea. If you want to know the reason why, check last Monday’s Motivational. Different subject and different art supply, even different

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Dog Tricks

When I scroll through images on Instagram or look at what artists post on Facebook and other social media or sites, I notice two things right away. The first one is the style of an artist. Even without seeing a name I recognize the style of the artist. That’s a good thing, don’t you think

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