Often we are very focused on the results. The world around us expects results from us. Our fans, our clients, our employer, our teacher and even we ourselves do expect good results. In whatever we do, we want results. Results are one thing, the journey to get to it, is another thing and often the more important one. We don’t like to share our failures and I see too many artists that are afraid to grow. They feel the need to keep up the appearance of perfection. This actually hinders them to grow and improve. We learn from our mistakes, making mistakes is a moment of growth.

My suggestion….. why not post your failures or less good works too? Do this instead of posting a blast from the past, when your current work isn’t as perfect as you want it to be. Give people a peek into the real world of art. For example, one of the least used hashtags on Instagram is #artfailures. I suggest giving that one some love this week. Give the audience a view behind the curtain, by posting your less perfect works or even failures. Of course, not only once, but do this once in a while. We’re not robots that can produce the same perfect result time after time. We’re human, we make mistakes. To those struggling, seeing others making the same mistakes can be very encouraging. It shows them they’re not alone. It shows them that the road to perfection is paved with mistakes. There’s no shame in not being perfect all the time.