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A Workshop is one lessen often on a single topic to enhance a skills or to learn something new. Art Classes have a lot of lessons and cover various subjects. You don’t learn just one thing in them, but a lot of things.
Most of the Art Classes and Workshops are for both beginning and advanced artists. Even if you have no previous experience with art at all, you can join and learn, no skill level required. There are few exceptions though. For a few Art Classes and Workshops you may need a certain level to get the most out of it. This will be clearly stated.
No, you don’t. In nearly all of the Art Classes the examples are provided with the lessons. A few lessons are for people who have some previous drawing experience, this will be clearly stated. For some Workshops this will also be the case, again this will be stated. Even so you can always challenge yourself and join in.

No, not at this moment. If you’re a student you are encouraged to join the Facebook group and post your work there. If you get stuck in an Art Class, you can always ask for help and someone may be able to help you out. I myself also will be active in this group, but the focus of my presence there is not to critique everyone’s work or review all of the assignments posted. Of course, I really love to see how you do in the Art Classes and how it has impacted you. Who knows, at times I may actually comment on some of your work…..

You can pay with PayPal and Ideal. To pay with PayPal you will need an account at PayPal. Ideal can only be used if you have a Dutch bank account.

No, sorry, unfortunately not at this moment. Since all of the courses are digital there is no way to return them. All sales are final.
If you have a coupon you can enter it in the Apply Coupon Code box on the checkout page before you place your order. It’s right above the payment options.

Since all of the Workshops, Art Classes, Articles and Project Modules are digital, art supplies and materials aren’t included. Local stores or online retailers can help you out with the supplies and materials you need.

Each Art Class has a material list and video on which materials you need. These are viewable even before purchasing a course, so you can get an idea of what you need. Workshops and articles will mention what you need too.

Most of the time not. If for some reason you need a specific supply or a very specific brand, it will be stated. Our goal is to create brand independant Art Classes and Workshops as much as possible.

No, they’re not. I supply the lesson, but you need to bring your own materials. Before you start a Workshop or Art Class you can view the materials list telling you what you all need to follow the Workshop or Art Class.

Since all of the Art Classes are part of a learning system that keeps track of all your classes, workshops and progress, you need to be able to login to that system to make use of the course material on this website.

You don’t need to register, upon checkout the system generates an user account for you.

However, if you do have a WordPress account already, you can use that if you want to. If you’ve purchased an Art Class before, then login with your exising details.

When purchasing an Art Class, you will see “Returning customer? Click here to login” just above the billing details and login.

On the Academy page, you login with your username and password by pressing the green login button. As soon as you login you are presented with an overview of your Art Classes. If you need past orders, your details, change a password and such, click on Edit Profile right under your name.

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