Likes….. like it or not.

On Instagram, the likes are gone, I guess it’s official now in Europe too. When I go to other people’s accounts I cannot see how many people like their posts anymore. With my own posts, I can still see it, though not right in the post itself, but in another section.

If you use Instagram, how do you feel about this move? For now it seems to be a month long test we’re all (involuntary) participating in. I kind of like the likes, it helps to see how my posts are doing and if they are growing. There’s another side to likes though.

I do understand it takes the popularity contest element away when we can’t see each other’s likes anymore. Perhaps it will help us to look different at someone’s (and our own) account. Instead of looking for popularity, we now may start looking for value.

As an artist, I see those accounts with – let’s say less than good art, that get an astonishing amount of likes. Then I see accounts with hardly any likes, but where – let’s say more than good art is shared. You probably have seen the same as well. I do confess, that can be annoying and even disheartening at times.

This new test takes that away. Who knows it may help all of us to share value and appreciate value more. Not getting caught up in who has the most likes and what works or doesn’t work on Instagram.

Hey Instagram, how about getting rid of the number of followers too? How about hiding that as well? That would be revolutionary, mind-blowing and game changing.

For us artists I’m hoping this move will bring back more creativity. Not just doing what everyone else does or going by what is popular, but following our own path. I’d say this might actually be a good move by Instagram, what about you? What are your thoughts on this?