What’s the difference?

A couple of times I’ve received the question about what is the difference between a quick sketch and a regular sketch. This question mainly arises due to the recent release of some Art Classes that at a glance seem to deal with the same topic.


Let me share two images with to make the difference more clear.

Both images may look a bit similar at first sight, but once you take some time to look at them, you’ll find a lot of differences. The top image contains more details and more shading nuances. The bottom image is more rough, using more basic tones.


The top image is a regular sketch, where you pay a lot of attention to the sketching techniques and shading. Click here to see the corresponding Art Class


The bottom image is a quick sketch where less time is spent on techniques and more time is spent on capturing what you see quickly. Click here to see the corresponding Art Class


The way you observe, is the main difference between the two. In a regular sketch you take time to observe what you see and try to bring more of the full scope into the drawing. In a quick sketch you observe your subject more quickly, only focusing on what you absolutely need, what is necessary to bring across your subject well, without getting entangled in details. Both need a different approach in thinking.


To adopt the ability to do detailed sketches, go here!

To adopt the ability to do quick sketches, go here!


Why not just adopt both 🙂