The Intimidating White Part 4

The statement in the image doesn’t make too much sense, does it? Just keep on reading and it will. Today I’ll be sharing the last 3 tips on how to get yourself from a state of emptiness to a state of creativity and fullness again and overcome the intimidating white.

#4 Take a course or follow a Youtube instructional video by your favorite online artist. Even watching your favorite online artist doing some work, often is inspiring. I find it a good idea to pick an online course that you can do whenever you want to. I don’t get into it right away, but I keep it for the moments that I may get stuck in that intimidating white canvas. Once I start getting into the course or watch an online artist, it inspires me and I now can use what I learn or see on the work I planned on doing.

#5 A bit similar to #4, get inspired by work of other artists. Browse through galleries and enjoy the work you see. You can even search for galleries/artwork that has a connection with the work you’ve set out to do, but can’t get into. Before long you’ll feel connected again too. Now don’t go copying other artist’s work, just let it motivate and inspire you.

#6 Get your mum or dad to call you and tell you to get to work. It’s such a crazy idea that it might actually work.
As stated a few weeks back, there are plenty of other things you can do to get motivated and have those creative juices flowing again, but for now, we’ll leave it at these.