The Intimidating White Part 3

Last week I shared the first tip on how to get yourself from a state of emptiness to a state of creativity and fullness again. Today I’m going to share a few more tips that will help you to conquer the Intimidating White, so you won’t be staring at a blank canvas or piece of paper all day long.

#2 Stop being intimidated. Put aside your canvas or paper for now. Take a piece of scrap paper and pick up a pen, pencil or brush. Without even really thinking about it, start scribbling. Mindless doodling is fine too. Don’t quit after a few moments, keep on going. After a while let the mindlessness become mindful again and be aware of what you’re doing. Once you get going again, go back to what you planned to do.

#3 Go for a walk. Not just anywhere, but a place with nature like a park, a forest, a road through some fields. Nature inspires, soak it in, become aware of the beauty around you. If the weather permits, you can even take a notepad or sketchbook with pencil and just draw some of the things that inspire you out there.