The Intimidating White Part 2

Last weeks question was, how in the world do you get yourself from that state of emptiness to a state of creativity and fullness again? Good question, isn’t it? The question is simple, the answer is complex, too complex to just solve in a few words. Nevertheless, as promised, in the coming weeks I’m going to share a few tips that will help you to conquer the Intimidating White, starting with tip #1 today.

Get back to bed. What? You’re joking, right? Yes and no. I don’t mean you literally need to go back to bed (though for some that may actually work best), it’s more of a state of mind. Bring your mind back to that moment when you stood up or back to whenever and wherever that moment of creativity first arose. Try to relive that moment, go back to what you experienced at that time.

At this point a time machine would be great, but most of us don’t have access to one of them. We need to relive the moment. Picture yourself in that moment again. Don’t necessarily focus on the feeling you had right away, but recall the surroundings you were in. Once you’ve pictured your surroundings, place yourself in it. Now notice what was going on, what were you doing, what were you feeling? The focus on what inspired you at that moment. Recapture the moment and get inspired to start working.