Monday Motivationals 2 September 2019

There you are again, working on your art project, all by yourself. For some it can get lonely, working quietly on your art. We all share our art, but our thoughts are shared a lot less. We’re all on a journey, traveling the road of art, but we seem to meet each other little on that road. While the world may applaud our latest artwork, they see little of how it came into being. They often don’t meet the person behind the art, they don’t see the doubts, struggles, fears, pleasures, joys, satisfaction and dissatisfaction. All they see is the finished work. There is way more to art then a finished artwork.

With Monday Motivationals (M&M’s) I want to connect with the person behind the art, with you. At the same time, I do hope you connect with me. I want to share some thoughts of mine, that could help you along or address some of the thoughts you’re having. I’m sure that in the process of creating art a lot goes on in your mind. My goal is that these Monday Motivationals will help you in your art journey, but they can also be more general motivations to help you in life. At times I’ll share thoughts about things that are really art related. At times I’ll share thoughts that anyone could benefit from. While my focus will be on the artist and his or her journey, my thoughts may well address un-arty things, after all we’re not just artists, there’s more to us. Allow me to motivate you through quotes, stories, challenges, motivations, inspirations and adventures in art.

In Monday Motivationals I invite you to come and walk a little of the journey with me and allow my thoughts to be a motivation, blessing, challenge, sounding board or inspiration to your own thoughts.